The OECD announced that 31 countries have signed the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement for the automatic exchange of country (MCAA) at a signing ceremony on 27 January 2016. Under the MCAA, signatories may exchange cbC relationships with other signatories if they have cbC reporting obligations and are parties to the OECD Convention on Mutual Tax Assistance. However, compliance with these conditions does not mean that one signatory automatically exchanges CBC reports with another. When signing the CBC MCAA, the signatory must either (i) address the OECD secretariat by attaching a list of the other signatories he commits to exchange, or (ii) a communication that he exchanges with all other signatories. A signatory may also choose to be considered a “non-reciprocal jurisdiction,” which means that he or she is not entitled to obtain cbC reports from other signatories. The OECD will make known the status of each signatory with regard to the obligation to exchange with certain countries, all countries or as non-reciprocal. The Indian Ministry of Finance announced that an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) was signed on March 27, 2019 for the Exchange of National Reports (CBC) with the United States (previous reports). In accordance with the announcement, this CBC report exchange agreement, along with the bilateral agreement between the two competent authorities by the competent authority (CAA), will allow the two countries to automatically exchange, in the respective legal systems, the CBC reports submitted by the last parent companies of multinationals (MNE) over the years beginning January 1, 2016. It would also be necessary for the Indian subsidiaries of the U.S. MNEs to submit cbC reports locally in India. All agreements between the United States and our trading partners are available separately on the relevant authorities` agreements page. With the implementation of the CBC MCAA, Turkey will exchange national relations (CBC) with the relevant authorities of the contracting states.

This page is regularly updated as other jurisdictions activate their bilateral relations. A statement on the national authority`s multilateral agreement on country exchange of reports (CBC MCAA) of 1 October 2020 was published in the Official Journal. Activated trading relationships can be sorted and displayed both from the point of view of a certain issuance skill (“FROM”) and a certain receiving skill (“TO”). For each exchange report, the legal basis and, if applicable, the validity date and/or activation date are displayed. 1 Country reports for the 2016 exercises will be exchanged spontaneously. (Common statement) PDF This section presents all the bilateral exchange relations that currently exist for the automatic exchange of CBC reports between tax authorities.