I received your letter of December 16, 1974 with the inscription “Confidential.” You wrote in your letter that the issues on which our two representatives do not agree are fundamental issues and that nothing will be won if we discuss these issues again among ourselves, because they have already been the subject of a wide debate. If there is no agreement on these fundamental issues, what is the point of discussing issues that are not fundamental? We consider the issues that have not been agreed upon, just as important and fundamental to us, and unless there is agreement on that. I do not think that a reasonable objective can be achieved by prolonging our discussions. I received your letter from November 25, 1974. Shri G Parthasarthi also gave me the documents that He and Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg prepared for the conclusion of their interviews. I welcome your letter, in which you agree with the conclusions of Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg and Shri G Parthasarthi on certain constitutional aspects of the Centre`s relations with the State of Jammu and Kashmir, and you offer your full cooperation at the political and governmental level to further promote the well-being of the people of Jammu and Kashmir State. I am aware of your views on the relationship between the centre and the state with regard to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. I have already explained to you that the clock cannot be delayed and we must take note of the realities of the situation. I am grateful for the spirit in which you expressed your agreement on the terms of the agreed conclusions. In 1974, the Indira Sheikh Agreement was signed on behalf of Sheikh Abdullah and Smt. Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, and Sheikh became Minister again after 11 years.

The text of the agreement is reproduced below: Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg (representative of Sheikh Abdullah) AND G. Parthasarthi (representing the Government of India) Dated: 13 November 1974 New Delhi, ordinarily, the fundamental principles of the division of the subcontinent might have led the state to Pakistan in 1947, but for various reasons things happened differently.