All suppliers subject to IPNP requirements must have a 10-digit NPI. (Suppliers that are not subject to the NPI, such as . B transport providers, are not required to provide an NPI). The OHA cannot register new suppliers without this number. Click on the fields below to find out what you need to submit to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to register as an Oregon Health Plan provider, update your information or manage your current registration. To make sure you`re using the latest versions of OHA registration forms, please use only the forms published below. OHA accepts earlier versions of the reserved forms for only three months after the review date. For example, if a form is revised in April, OHA will not accept the older version until July. To learn more about providers that are prohibited from serving Oregon Medicaid customers, see the list below. You can also browse the OHA Medicaid Program Integrity Audit Unit`s list of Medicaid Fraud Judgments. To charge the OHA directly, you can find your description of the supplier in the list below. Fill out all the forms and documentation listed for your description.

Send updates within 30 days of the change under the EDMS cover sheet. Fax your new license directly to the supplier`s registration at 503-947-1177 (Salem). An EDMS cover sheet is not required. The OHA has disabled the EFT account update function in the “Demographic Maintenance” control panel of the MMIS vendor portal to identify additional security features required for EFT updates on the portal. Please use the EFT registration form for suppliers, lenders and contractors until further notice to update your account information. All forms are completed PDFs. Please fill it out electronically. Writing is only required for signature fields. If you`re using Mozilla Firefox, you may need to change your download settings to see the filling version. See the instructions on OHA`s Provider Revalidation page.