Discuss the details of the agreement in the second paragraph of the contract. Specific date, time and specific services you want to provide. If it is a finished agreement with a specific end date, enter the exact date on which you want to stop providing services to the customer. First, I start with a style consultation, then I`ll do a closet check-up that will include removing what is not suitable, is beautiful or obsolete. Then we`ll go shopping for your new wardrobe. During this experience, I will teach you how to do your shopping for your body and avoid bad shopping. Once we have purchased all the necessary purchases, we go home and mix/adjust all the necessary parts, including accessories and shoes. You will also receive a personal stylist on demand during the dressing room style. This make-over includes a personalized gift to get you on your new journey look.

The capsule wardrobe can lead to higher prices. For those who need a wardrobe presence on the day of a photo shoot, Kchic can provide a wardrobe stylist (fully prepared with a steamboat, fashion fixing kit and other trade tools) to help taping, pinching, modifications and other wardrobe issues. We work with live themes, as well as styling clothes for product photography. Before the photo shoot, our styling department handles all the needs of damping, waxer, waxer, tie, removal of emergency stains and other wardrobe-related needs. Leave it in our hands; Your stylist will make sure that everything is well hidden and glued, like on a movie set! After the end of the styling service provided by Kchic, any image posted on social networks must receive tags and @styledbykethlene and @kchicboutique (if they carry items from the shop) for the services provided. (Example: Instagram stylist:@styledbykethlene and @kchicsboutique clothes; The Facebook stylist: Kethlene`s hair and Kchicboutique clothing) The client understands, when performing online style services, that the style suggestions sent to them are based on the information given to them by the customer. The owner is able to modify some suggestions or suggest alternatives if a clothing category is not suitable when the clothes are tried. The owner will only repeat all style suggestions if the client presents visual evidence that none of the proposed styles have been adapted or worked.