2.4.1 Except in the case expressly authorized by this agreement (for example. B with respect to work equipment), by applicable legislation or with the supplier`s prior written permission, the subscriber cannot perform the following steps (and does not allow a third party to do the same): a) copy, download, store, publish, transfer, sublicensing, distribute, sell or use the data or some other way the data or some way; (b) reuse, reproduction, decompilation, back engineering, redistricting, attempting to recognize the source code of www.westlawindia.com [] or to intervene in some way in the data or part of the data; (c) modify or modify or make changes to data or parts of data; (d) combine all or part of the data with other software, data or materials; (e) produce works derived from all or part of the data; or (f) to sell, concede or disseminate data (or parts of data) to third parties, or to use data or parts of that data as a constituent or basis for materials offered for sale, license or distribution. “service” refers to Westlaw™Indien, as currently made available by the single www.westlawindia.com resources, an internet access method (including all versions and updates) to features and materials of the current calendar that may be offered to the subscriber from time to time at the sole discretion of the provider (“subscribed features”). 5.2.4 If, at the expiry of a reference period, the proposed charges are in an active good faith discussion between the parties, the supplier has the right: (a) whereas, in the reasonable opinion of the supplier, these discussions continue without delay to continue providing the service under the terms of the agreement during that period and to charge the subscriber the fees charged at existing rates; (b) as soon as an agreement has been reached on the proposed royalties, to charge the additional amounts due for the period between the beginning of the reference period and the conclusion of this agreement; and (c) if such an agreement is not reached within a reasonable time, at the sole discretion of the provider, to immediately cease service without further liability to the subscriber or another third party. 10.5 Neither this agreement, nor a party, nor a part or a party can be ceded, under-granted or transferred by the subscriber without the subscriber`s prior written consent, unless all or part of the subscriber`s Indian activity is transferred to a limited partnership (“LLP”) in the event that LLP communicates to the suppliers the intent of LLP to assume all obligations that the subscriber owes under this agreement (the “Accepted Commitments”) and on the supplier`s agreement (not undue restraint or delayed), the LLP becomes the subscriber and is responsible for the commitments made in place of the Subscriber and is still considered responsible for the commitments made.