The two main unions representing the players are currently fighting. The dispute is over who should execute the theatre production contracts recorded for streaming. The Actors` Equity Association accused SAG-AFTRA of taking theatrical productions that it would normally cover through its contracts. In the meantime, SAG-AFTRA has launched an unprecedented investigation into Equity`s activities and has filed a formal complaint. The waiver proposed by SAG-AFTRA would temporarily cede responsibility for getapte theatrical presentations during the “pandemic period” that ends on April 30, 2021, unless both unions agree to an extension. And there are strict restrictions: recorded shows cannot be streamed on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Max, Disney, AppleTV, CBS All Access and Peacock – which would fall within THE purview of SAG-AFTRA – but can only be viewed on restricted digital platforms “that can only be accessed by ticket holders or subscribers of the existing equity partner.” An equity source said that many of his employers don`t even have such platforms. Who is wrong about allowing AEA actors who would otherwise be sitting at home to act in independent shows if they wish? Who is it to deny this election to the actors, since this decision does not allow union salaries to be influenced elsewhere if the AEA does not allow it? The show is still in production, and this role is still played by an actor who will always receive this scholarship. What`s the real point of forcing this AEA actor to sit at home and do nothing? Waiver declarations are not allowed to influence other contracts. They do not have the power to convince AEA theatres to leave indie. They do not have the power to bring down wages.

It`s not magic. Their conditions are fully controlled by the AEA. The only power they have is to put an AEA actor who would otherwise be inactive, to put his place back in its place when it decides, on its own terms. Because AEA operates in such a complex environment, it has several contracts and agreements of different sizes, which vary from one area to another, which makes perfect sense. A Disney Broadway production has very different working conditions, requirements and expectations such as, for example, an orchestrated reading in a small non-profit organization, and AEA members in one geographic area may agree that their needs are different from those of members of another geographic area. On October 9, SAG-AFTRA announced an investigation into Equity`s activities, in particular its new media committee, which negotiates with theatre producers if they want to record shows. The screen union stated that some of Equity`s agreements with producers were “entirely within SAG-AFTRA`s jurisdiction and will take thousands of days of work from actors who should have worked under SAG-AFTRA contracts.” The waiver proposed by SAG-AFTRA would also limit the number of spectators to no more than double the capacity of the theatres where the performances take place, and no more than 950 people, multiplied by the normal number of performances in this theatre, no more than eight performances per week, multiplied by the number of weeks that are proposed. Yes, but it sounds like it`s waiting to be moderate, but it didn`t even seem like this status until I posted the second one and there`s no way to change, so if you could delete the second one, that would be great.