These clusters may vary slightly depending on the product range. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the best interlocutors are the suppliers of the first and second phase of Airbus. It is proposed that small and medium-sized enterprises use their contacts with these suppliers. Our supply chain is just as important to our goals, which is why we rely on a common engagement with our larger businesses to actively support and support our goal of creating a culture of positive safety together. Airbus continues to expand its supplier base, with the company`s total acquisition volume amounting to approximately 49.6 billion euros. Airbus has identified global supply as one of its long-term goals and aims to achieve 40% by 2020 outside Western Europe and the United States. Airbus` external acquisition accounts for more than two-thirds of the company`s revenue In many cases, Airinmar is able to help its customers meet their warranty requests from Airbus and Boeing TAT. Airbus invites suppliers to adhere to our code of conduct and integrate these principles into their own supply chain. This detailed information for our suppliers is available here: About 80% of Airbus` activities are purchased. The company works with more than 12,000 suppliers worldwide who offer products and services for flying and non-flying parts. All suppliers are invited to work within Airbus` historic framework. At Airbus, partners and suppliers are part of an extended family and play a key role in the common business success.

There are more than 26,000 applicable parts numbers, covered by product support agreements, which cover more than 100 OEMs in more than 250 repairers. Airinmar`s database contains parts numbers and specific conditions related to Airbus and Boeing TAT warranties. Airinmar`s repair management and tracking systems enable its customers to identify and enforce the terms of the Airbus and Boeing Turnaround Time agreements. Companies interested in joining Airbus` supplier team are invited to register through Airbus ePROC`s strategic procurement tool. Airbus is looking for partners and suppliers who share the company`s values. Transparency and trust are essential elements for the Airbus team. Partners and suppliers need a proven track record of business reliability and the implementation of common commitments. In particular, Airbus is looking for partners who are ahead of the game and offer creative, innovative and digital solutions in a complex environment. This ensures that Airbus provides top-notch quality services to all its customers. Procurement requirements and services are provided by certain product sectors: . .

It is important to apply uniform standards, guidelines and processes across all Airbus companies and the supply chain. The email address cannot be subscribed. Please, do it again. We believe that more can be done to significantly improve the operation. This is the purpose of the following letter to show our supply chain partners how to work together to achieve the goal: 0 accident. Indirect purchases of goods and services – also known as non-flying parts, ranging from buildings to machinery and tools, engineering services, consulting, IT and office equipment – are the responsibility of the Airbus General Procurement common service unit.