If a deal is made, cnet.com has created a tool that allows you to estimate how much you could receive. You can access it by looking at this article. Democrats and Republicans missed the August 7 deadline for drafting and approving the latest stimulus package amid the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, leading President Donald Trump to sign a series of executive orders to support the struggling economy. However, Trump`s measures did not include a second round of stimulus measures, and as the deadline was extended for both sides to reach an agreement, millions of Americans questioned whether there would be a second economic review. It also explains how you can still get some stimulus money, even if your family`s annual income exceeds the limit set in March in the CARES Act. The calculation begins with the total adjusted gross income of your household, adds up the money allocated to qualified people, and then deducts the amount based on your income category (as defined in the CARES Act). For more information on cyclical payments, click here to find out what`s going on with the economic negotiations, what Biden is planning for a stimulus package and what federal benefits are expiring at the end of the year. The parties agree that Americans need a second round of stimulus packages as the country continues to try to get through the coronavirus pandemic, but they can`t find a way to reach an agreement with Democrats who would have included a $2.2 trillion aid plan and Republicans with a $1.8 trillion deal. Meanwhile, unemployment will only rise and tens of millions of people could expect deportation if the last remnants of COVID 19 relief expire on 31 December without a stimulus fee. According to leading economists and financial policy makers, the economy is also heading for a double-dip recession, which quickly underscores the need for additional assistance.

Trump said Friday that he was disappointed with Congress and would use the power of the executive branch to sign a stimulus package. Senate Chief Democrat Chuck Schumer said the White House rejected a proposal by House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi to cut Democrats` spending proposals by about $1 trillion. On Tuesday, three proposals for stimulus plans to achieve some degree of economic facilitation by the end of 2020 were presented.